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Living kitchen for eco-conscious!


Developed by Studio Gorm, formed by John Arndt and Wohnee Jeong, here is a living kitchen where nature and technology form a symbiotic relationship to grow, store, cook and compost food. Wish to know how it works? Well, go on reading!


Working: It’s a flexible kitchen that provides an array of possibilities for preparing food. The water from the dish rack drips on the herbs and edible plants, which are grown in the planter boxes places below the rack. The counter top features a built in waste bowl, which can be utilized to dump the scraps while preparing the food. Once the bowl is full, it needs only to be tipped to transfer the waste into the worm bin composter that lies beneath the counter top. As the waste is lowered into the composter, the worms convert it into nutrient rich fertilizer, which can be put back into the plants.


What’s different? Unlike traditional kitchens, this smart kitchen lets you cook food in a very unique way. Processes flow into one another in a natural cycle, efficiently utilizing energy, waste, water and other natural resources thereby letting you grow, store, cook and compost food in an organic way. The innovatively green kitchen is developed as a flexible system where resources are reused by several elements, creating a dynamic flow between the products thereby providing a space for preparing food and a suitable environment. Incredibly stylish way of going green!

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