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Maintenance of lush green lawns made easy with Droplet

droplet 2112

Lush green lawns are a visual treat in any landscape. Mowing is important to keep your lawns manicured. Maintaining a lawn without a mower is a tough job. Check out this smart lawnmower by Australian designer Ashley Marsh-Croft which is well suited for small spaces.

droplet 2112

Droplet is an electric mulching lawnmower, addressing the issues of increasingly smaller lawn and storage spaces, and the negative user issues associated with gardening hardware.

‘ The droplet incorporates a unique raising and lowering mechanism alongside an unconventional wheel design, resulting in a new interpretation of a typically dull machine. The surface detail flow makes a feature of material connections and visually maps the functionally of venting. The lawnmower is electric, increasing user independence by eliminating the need for technical knowledge and regular maintenance. The mulching technology removes the task of handling grass clippings, and promotes lawn health.’


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