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Making A Personal Statement With A Rectangular Vessel Sink

Since when did people start shopping for sinks? Well, earlier, sinks used to be tubs within a counter, but now, they’re high fashion. They’re simple and utilitarian. They’re textured or sleek. And, they are sculpted or high-end. However, among all of these options, rectangular vessel sinks are high on the customer demand list today.

What’s a rectangular vessel sink?


Appearance. A vessel sink appears to sit upon a cabinet, furniture piece, or counter. It appears standalone, but it has plumbing, of course. The Stone Arrecife Black Contemporary Natural Stone Sink, for example, makes an artistic, minimalist, but uniquely natural appearance.

It looks like a sculptured, afterthought, and elegant piece of work left on public display. Often bowl-shaped, the latest call is ones. Rectangular can mean square or oblong. It might have sharp angles at the corners and/or flared edges.

Swooping, textured, and colored, vessel sinks look like you could pick them up and carry them away.

Roomy. Vessel sinks free up counter space. They look open and inviting, but are often less deep than drop in or under the counter sinks. So, they may contribute to more splashing if you have not anticipated height and reach when selecting faucet for looks and control.

However, some designs, like the Tecknoform Mx White Square Sink, still offer utility as well as beauty.

Ergonomic. For most users, a vessel sink sits where people can reach in comfortably. Often between 32 and 34 inches tall, such sinks provide comfortable use although you may need the input of your plumber and designer to measure your personal needs.

Price. Vessel sinks may cost more than the traditional plumbing fixture. But, the trade off is elegance and style. You’re giving up on the old-school white porcelain for crystal, color, and imaginative design features.

According to the design masters at Maestro Bath, countertop installation of the rectangle vessel sink “will stand out in your bathroom as a striking focal point.”

Savings. Contemporary design in vessel sinks let you re-cycle antique cabinetry, unusual furniture pieces, or vintage vanities. They appear perched and moveable almost casually left where they sit.


Installation. Rectangular or round vessel sinks need less work than the typical under the counter sinks. You need a hole for the drain and one for the faucet, and that’s pretty much there is to it. And, it also lets you replace the bowl when you want to change your decor.

As William Machin posted on, “The fact that vessel sinks install on top of the vanity instead of in the countertop doesn’t exclude them from typical drainage problems associated with sinks. Fixing a drainage problem is the type of job you can do using a simple procedure to isolate and correct the problem.”

Cautions. You may not want to install your sink where it has high traffic by toddlers who might hang on the sides or where it might be prone to chipping and scratching. Vessel sinks do better in those bathrooms and powder rooms you have designed for your personal use and guests.

The rectangle vessel sink is a tough choice to make, especially when you have so many stunning designs to choose from. But, if you’re in the market for a personal design statement in your bathrooms or powder rooms, think about shape, depth, and materials. You certainly can find what you want, aside from some ideas you never thought of.

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