Marta Antoszkiewicz presents beautifully designed space saving dining room furniture

dining set 1Day to day, the space in the modern urban house is getting smaller and it becomes difficult to set the furniture of your choice. Here is a dining table and chairs’ set beautifully designed by Marta Antoszkiewicz to save a lot of space in the dining room. The table and the chairs become a complete block when not in use and in this way provides quite a lot of space. When the things are properly arranged and kept in order the house looks neat and clean and with this dining table-chairs set it minimizes the visual impact. dining set 2

The chairs of this set have removable cushions so that the cleaning of the chairs and the table is done thoroughly. Hot and cold pads are provided along so that the serving of hot items is easy. The chairs can be conveniently pulled for use by the hand pull design. The set is designed for comfort and style along with solving the most important problem of space in the modern living room. The wonderful colour combination makes it suitable for any kind of décor.

Via: freshome