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Modern living rooms

Living room is the best place for spending a good time with family or entertaining guests. It is essentially an extension of your personality. The more you style it according to your unique taste, the more comfortable and appealing it will be to your guests and visitors. Here are some amazing modern living room designs.

Modern living room interior designs from Domus Design

Domus Design Collection features a modern living room interior design, which is based on the quote from Leonardo da Vinci that says ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. The design by a team of creative designers from this New York firm incorporate a variety of styles in their living room interiors following their mission to create elegance in simplicity. From sofas and chairs to sectionals, all their designs are elegant and flexible enough to be used in contemporary or even classic settings. For instance, they have sectionals that can be flexible enough to be accommodated in any room with its snake-like form.

Modern living room design with LCD TV

The modern living room design with LCD TV is a stylish interior design that makes the television the center of attraction in the living space (as is the case with many houses). The environment created by this design is of coziness and relaxation, making it a perfect place for conversations. The furniture that is used in the interiors is well placed from the entertainment unit and is very comfortable too. The LCD TV is wall mounted on a striking red background, which completes the contemporary look of the living room. This interior design is one that can be used in either a big or a small living room because it has the capacity to open up the room with an illusion of space because of its minimalistic design.

Red and white living room design

Here is an attractive living room that uses the ‘red and white’ combination that exudes contrasting emotions of subtlety (white) and intensity (red). The colors are used proportionately so that the red does not overpower the white because excessive red would actually work against the coziness and comfortable elements required in a living area. However, this design perfectly balances the two colors by having white furniture, accessories and walls. The whiteness of the room is punctuated with a red wall and red cushions. The entire look of this living room design is very modern and comfortable.

Modern style living rooms from MisuraEmme

The exquisite modern style living rooms from MisuraEmee are styles according to futuristic living. However, some of the decor elements have hints of retro-futurism in them. The overall impact of the design is presumably minimalistic, as the designer has refrained from crowding the room with different element. However, the grandeur of this ultra-modern room can be felt through the ample storage units that have been cleverly designed and the amazing use of lighting equipment.

Modern living room design with stylish red sofa

It is said that living rooms should not have a lot of red color because it reduces the feeling of comfort and warmth in a living space. However, if the decor of a living room balances out the striking red color, then having a stylish red sofa would definitely look very attractive. A red sofa with a background of white and soft hues would actually make the living room both attractive and comfortable at the same time. Not only does a chic red sofa add style and modernity to a living area, but it also gives it a certain wow factor and makes it the focal point of the room.

Minimalist modern living room design

If you are one who likes a simple aesthetic interior decor, then the minimalist modern living room design is surely the one for you. The aestheticism of the design in this living room is maintained by the use of a color scheme that is well planned and streamlined designed furniture. The designer has made use of a lighter tone in bright colors and has spruced up the elegance of the room with beautiful accessories. The beauty of this living room decor lies in the combination of old and new furnishings with a perfect balance of colors. The minimalistic element of this decor likes in the spaciousness that it creates with a neat look and clean contours in the design.

Perfect living room design

The best way to design your living room would be to use a harmonious arrangement of furniture to give the space an aesthetic look. Furniture, per se, does determine the comfort level as well as the attractiveness of the living space. With the right choice of furniture placed correctly, you can change your living room into a cozy and relaxing one. When making choices, try to be unique and pick out furnishings that reflect a part of you. Your style will help you to achieve the kind of feel you want in your living room. When buying furniture, think from the perspective of your guests who spend a great deal of time with you in the living room. Make the space comfortable and impressive for your guests to appreciate. A simple and minimalistic room with perfectly placed furniture and abundant lighting is always the best.

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