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Morgann washing machine : Two loads, one cycle!



With loads of innovative home products coming your way, you cannot certainly be blamed for expecting a lot! Designer Melina Pigeon has come up with an efficient washing machine dubbed Morgann. A washer that does two loads of your laundry in one cycle!

What’s different? Unlike traditional washing machines, Morgann has two compartments that lets you wash two loads of your laundry at a time. That means you can wash different set of clothes in one cycle. Blessed with different interface to set the right kind of clothes you have to wash, each compartment combine two functions, washing and drying.

Also, the compartments can be used to dry the clothes being washed. You just gotta put the clothes in compartments, put on the settings and Morgann will wash the clothes and dry them. Not to forget, there’s only one motor for both compartments, which saves a lot of energy. This means, it’s eco-friendly too. Smart looks, easy and user friendly attributes makes Morgann one of its kind.

Via: Designboom

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