Movie mania in bathroom with Serial Killer shower curtain

shower curtain 8q7Sx 3858

Psycho has a huge fan base and that’s likely to get bigger still with these ‘Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain.’ The clichéd and much feared killer-behind-the-curtain gets an appropriate tribute with this very amusing vinyl shower curtain. If the image and blood representations are not enough for you then the curtain also comes equipped with a sound and motion activated Psycho music clip, including a screaming woman. Enter your shower and the curtain will go berserk! It would be great to get rid of unwarranted house guests and with continuous exposure it could also make your fear for killers disappear. Running on 3 AA batteries you can buy it here for 20 bucks. And did I say that it was perfect for a little practical joke!

Via: Gizmodiva