My faucet has a bad habit of showing its tongue!

oras faucet 4

Don’t show your tongue, it’s a bad habit. The cliche sounding line is often used by parents. Sometimes kids are scolded and beaten up too. Get ready to give answer to your kid’s question. Mom and dad, if showing your tongue is a bad habit, then why does our faucet take out its tongue? Designer Cyrille Charier has come up with a cute faucet for Oras that takes out its rubber tongue whenever turned on! The coolest thing about this chic faucet is that its tongue can be molded upwards or downwards depending on the choice of the user. Funny yet cute, these elegant faucets are sure to add a touch of style to your trendy bathroom.

oras faucet 2
oras faucet 3
oras faucet
oras faucet 5
oras faucet 6

Via: Behance