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Nanook 3D chair and table by Philippe Bestenheider

nanook 1

nanook 1

The Nanook collection, consisting of a chair and a low table, is designed by Philippe Bestenheider’s for Morso. Nanook is an exceptional collection that reflects creativity and the artistic approach of the designer. It’s an outcome of the designer’s research on fragmentation, molecular structures and the transition from 2D to 3D, based on observing the tanning of a quadruped’s hide.

nanook 2

What’s Different?

A hexagonal arrangement, inspired by molecular geometry or a snowflake makes up the structure of the chair. The metallic frame of the chair is upholstered with colorful digitally printed fabric resembling the skin of an animal.
The table is made of steel and designed in such a manner that another table can be attached horizontally to create a bigger table or it can be put one above the other to create a shelf.

nanook 3

nanook 4


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