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Neon Phrases

Neon caps and counts to jazz up your home

Neon Phrases

Any modern home pad requires something to add a dash of difference and edge to it. This is exactly what US based designers – Neos lettering has tried to provide with its range of eye catching neon lit numbers and letters, which can be docked on a base and can be placed anywhere in a modern homestead to jazz up the atmosphere by a great score. Just get a neon base, which is 6 inches wide and 3 inches in height and a collection of alphabets or numerics and start playing. The base can be a single slot type or a multiple slot type depending on your requirement. The free characters can then be placed end to end to create words and patterns and messages.

Let words speak greater than your actions and let everyone who enters your place behold a piece of your mind. Combine letters and numbers, and light up the droll corner of your house with witty liners and meaningful messages. These letterings come in blue and purple and provide that retro glow to the surroundings.

So wait no more and grab this unique home decor design which will keep its glow alive even in the darkest hours. It is available on etsy and will deliver its dues quite satisfactorily.

Via: Freshome

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