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Cool gadget: Control your home with a remote

nokiahomecontrol XvjDo 1822

nokiahomecontrol XvjDo 1822

Ever wished for a system that would offer you complete control over your home? A system that let’s you control virtually all things electronics, remotely? If yes, then I have some good news for you folks. Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone maker has released the ‘Nokia Home Control Center’ an application that will let you control your entire house with a mobile device.

What’s different? Imagine yourself sitting on your comfy bed or a couch with a cell-phone in your hand and monitoring the activities of all your electronic gadgets. Not only this, you can easily turn off your appliances that are wasting energy, when away from home. Cool or what? Is there something more amazing or inimitable you could wish for?

Price and availability: The smart home control center will be up for sale by the end of 2009 in Europe.

Via: Electronista

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