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Oniris futuristic kitchen blends style with technology

oniris kitchen 3

oniris kitchen 3

Futuristic kitchens are simply wow, aren’t they? Well, Nelly De Macedo is here with yet another techie kitchen but certainly one of a kind. Dubbed Oniris, it’s a kitchen ideally fusing technology with style. The central working unit of the kitchen doubles up as a dining, washing, cooking and storage area. The techie features include motion-sensor camera, projector that displays recipes/images on the countertop and yes, a chandelier on top of the unit housing LED lights simply adding to its extravagance. An induction cooking plate, storage cabinet and sensor-controlled faucet, graphic visual programming facility all add to its for its uniqueness factor.
oniris kitchen

oniris kitchen 2

oniris kitchen 4

oniris kitchen 1

oniris kitchen 5

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