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Oops designs…Goof up or creativity?

ugly home products

ugly home products

Till date, we have heard of people getting awards for their best works but I’m sure, you didn’t know people who came up with the weirdest stuff and got applauded. Did you? Well, the “Oopsaward” does this! Oops, we use for blunders and imagine you get applauded for goof up or I must say coming up with weird stuff. How about checking out the weird…Oops designs which some of you would reject and few others would love to take home. Pinned here are unusual designs. Now, it’s you who has to decide if you’ll put em’ in OOPS or WOW category!

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Skin collection by Nacho Carbonell.
cipria sofa by fernando and humberto campana 5 zgo

Cipria sofa by Fernando and Humberto Campana.
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Autonomous Living Unit chair by Eduardo McIntosh.
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Vanitas lamp by Charlotte Dumoncel dArgence.
a96761 a482 chair one

Chair ONE by Charlotte Kingsnorth for Vitra.
cache 1690762717

Mirror chair by Kai Linke.

Witness flat chair by Jurgen Bey.
a96761 a482 pricklychair

Prickly Chair by Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers
a96761 a482 xxl chair

XXL chair
by Janneke Hooymans & Frank Tjepkema.
a96761 a482 surrealism chair

Surrealism chair by David Pompa.
squthe bench 2

Evolution and Love chair by Nacho Carbonell.
a96761 a482 lamp dog

Lamp-dog by Fiona Jean Thomson.
a96761 a482 garbage chair

XS chair by Nick Demarco
a96761 a482 steampuk clock2

Steampunk clock by Eric Frietas
oswine lamp by johannes hemann 2008 form generated

Oswine lamp by Johanness Hemann.
lepidoptera 120309 01

Le pidoptera chair by Simone Le Amons
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Valentina C chair by Maurizio Galante for Cerruti Baleri.
woollychair 57

Wooly chair by Jason Miller.
prooff earchair 04 lr

Ear Chair by Studio Makkink&Bey.
brave new world lamp 2

Brave New World lamp by Fresh West.

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