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OttLite’s POD Lamp is stylishly smart!


Talking about iPod desk lamp would be such an old idea, right? What if it comes in new improved avtar? Well, OttLite’s Pod lamp is not what you call something from the humdrum. Best of the rest for the reason that it can accommodate your cell phone and other Mp3 players besides the iPod. Secondly, it features wire management. Yups, you can thread your cords through the bottom of the lamp and charge your phone or MP3 player while it’s docked in the lamp slyly. Besides this, the lamp can adjust to divergent heights and angles, and includes a 13 Watt OttLite HD bulb which can last up to 10,000 hours. Available in glossy dark, or glossy white, the POD Lamp will cost you $111.98. Now, this is what I call, smart choice!

Via: Chipchick

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