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Patio Dining Sets: 10 Best with Prices, Reviews and Ratings

Eating out can be fun. Eating out at your own home can be even greater fun! The joy and romance of dining in the patio or the garden has to be experienced to be understood. If you are looking out for patio dinner-table sets for your home, we are here to help you in your shopping. We present here 10 patio sets that will ensure a rich and fine dining experience for you.

1. Royal Teak Family Oval Expansion Patio Dining Table Available in Three Expandable Sizes
BRAND : Furniture Hub
PRICE : USD 1039.95

Available in multiple sizes of 68 inches expandable to 78 inches, 72 inches expandable to 96 inches and 96 inches expandable to 120 inches, this patio dining table set is made of highly durable, A grade teak wood. Mortise and tenon joints which are machine made hold the furniture in a tight fit. Teak is a naturally existing insect repellent and the longevity of the patio set is enhanced by the use of solid brass handles and knobs.


Water resistant, termite resistant and fungal resistant teak wood makes it one of most durable furniture set

Table can expand for additional seating.
The table has a self-storing butterfly leaf.
The table has provision to fit an umbrella.

2. Outdoor Patio Set – Brugge 5-Piece Dining Set – BT-BRUGGE
BRAND : Brugge
PRICE : USD 849.3

This 5 piece set is made completely from eucalyptus wood, aluminium and synthetic wicker. The table measures 60″(W) x 35″(D) x 29″(H) while each chair measures 24″(W) x 29″(D) x 36″(H). Suitable for all seasons, the set requires assembly which means that it can also be taken down and packed into small boxes during transport. The set comes in grey, beige and brown and has a coat of wood preservative to help it stand against salt, water, air pollution and mildew infestation. This preservative comes free along with the set and you need to perform regular maintenance on it.


This wicker set is not only stylish but also weather resistant which makes it perfect for any outdoors

For its price, the set is an excellent buy and it offers great value for money.
The chairs are all the high-back variety.
Very elegant looking in design and colors.

3. Milano Patio Eucalyptus Outdoor 7 PC Dining Set
BRAND : Milano
PRICE : USD 1289

This set of a table and six stackable chairs from Milano has been made from the solid eucalyptus wood. The construction is light and the finish is simple yet elegant. This minimalistic outdoor patio dining set suits perfectly for a casual, garden barbecue or a fine dining banquet. The chairs have been elegantly contoured and the design is uniform across the table and chairs.


This light colored and light weight, 7 piece dining set from Milano has a blend of simplicity and elegance about it. It’s storage and transport is also convenient as the chairs are all stackable.

Made from light yet strong eucalyptus wood.
All the hardware is made of stainless steel.
The chairs can be stacked making storage and transport very easy.

4. Iron Mosaic Patio Set (42″ Set for 4)
BRAND : Iron Accents
PRICE : USD 1970

The circular patio dining set comes with a table of height 30 inches holding a top of diameter 42 inches. More than 200 hand cut tiles of tumbled marble and stained glass are molded in a special process that gives a smooth top and sides to this elegant table. Hand crafted mosaic means that each set is unique and a one-piece in the world. Made from iron and mosaic, this set has many imitations available but one look at the original and you will not even look at the imitations.


This piece of artistic beauty is constituted by iron and mosaic thus it look more of a artwork than furniture set

The mosaic, fabric and finish used on the set can be customized as per individual taste.
Hand made sets ensure that each set is a unique piece.
Apart from its functionality, the set serves as a piece of art also.

5. 7pc Nassau Patio Furniture Set W/6 Dining Chairs
BRAND : Nassau
PRICE : USD 1857

Available now at a massive discount of 34 percent, this patio dining set consists of a table that measures 72” (D) x42” (W) x29” (H) and chairs which measure 22″W x 21″L x 32″H. It comes along with six chairs and the table has provision for fitting an umbrella. The whole set is very light in weight which makes transport and shifting easy. The black or bronze coats have been applied through a 5 stage process to ensure durability and longevity.


This patio dining set has been beautifully carved out of high quality aluminum and comes in a superb black finish or a desert bronze finish. The hardware is constituted entirely by stainless steel which is completely rust free.

Die Cast Aluminum Design which is rust free.
2” Umbrella hole comes built into the table.
Modular and thus can be easily dissembled and re-assembled wherever necessary.

6. Wicker Rattan 5 Piece Patio Set
BRAND : Aruba
PRICE : USD 1376.16

This is a deep chestnut brown dining set that is sure to bring in the magic of romance and love on a delightful evening in the garden or patio. The aluminum framed table is completely wrapped in wicker rattan so that the looks do not get compromised. You have to pay extra for the cushions but you can choose the color for yourself. The chairs too have been constructed the same way and have aluminum leg ferrules which are highly decorative.


Wicker furniture was never this stylish before, over that It is also weather-proof, rust-proof and fungus free

The polished aluminium has been welded for maximum strength and stability.
100% virgin PVC has been used in the construction which makes it water proof and durable.
Intelligently engineered and economically priced.

7. Innova Ivy Outdoor Patio Dining Table Chair Set
BRAND : Innova
PRICE : USD 1899

Solid cast aluminium has been utilized in the construction of the patio dining set which comes in a modular form with nine pieces. The aluminium is extensively treated in a three-step process where it is powder coated for an all-weather protection. The four chairs have minimal but comfortable cushioning along with decorative backs and legs. The umbrella with adjustable height comes along with the set.


A comfortable and durable, nine piece bistro style dining set, it comes along with the sunshade too. The set is a wonderfully green way to relax and stretch outdoors on a cool evening or a fresh morning.

Completely weather-proof patio dining set which requires no maintenance.
This set can be shipped anywhere in world for free
A completely welded construction that adds strength and durability.

8. Maui Patio Set with Stacking Chairs
BRAND : Cedar Station
PRICE : USD 2499.95

Here is a wonderful patio dining set made entirely of Grade A, Indonesian timber. Grade A teak ensures that the wood is without any cracks and holes while the excellent machining ensures a perfect fit. The wood is also kiln dried which ensures least moisture in the wood core. The unsanded and unfinished wood has its own advantages. Unlike the oiled or painted teak, it requires no maintenance. Just place the set wherever you want it in the patio or garden. In inches, the dimensions of the table are 51W x 51D x 29H while that of each chair are 24W x 31D x 35H.


An all Indonesian teak patio dining set embellished with hardware made of pure brass, the tables and chairs look simple yet regal. Allow the wood to age naturally and the furniture acquires a classy look on its own.

All the fittings are made of 100% brass.
The whole set is absolutely maintenance-free and weather proof.
The chairs can be stacked for easy storage.

9. Hudson Five-Piece All-Weather Resin Wicker Patio Furniture Dining Set
BRAND : Hudson
PRICE : USD 1754.98

Whenever it comes to outdoor dining, weather-proofed furniture is important. With a table measuring 48″ x 48″ x 29″ and four chairs measuring 28″ x 28″ x 37″ each, the elegant five piece patio set from Hudson arrives with hardwood accented feet, aluminium frame with a non-corroding powder-coat and resistant resin wicker. The set consists of comfortable arm chairs with thick seats and comfortable cushions.


A wicker patio dining set that is sure to provide luxurious comfort with its broad arm chairs.

The seats and cushions are water-resistant, stain-proof and mold-resistant.
The resin wicker material neither cracks nor fades with time.
Very spacious chairs with comfortable cushions.

10. Modern Living 82″ Mosaic Dining Table
BRAND : Modern Living
PRICE : USD 2775

Stain glass tiles that are hand-cut and hand-laid form the mosaic top of the table. The grout sealer used to seal these tiles make them stain-proof and durable. The steel frames which have been hand-wrought have also been treated with a five step, hand-finish process. The powder coat and finish on top seal the furniture for durability. The light green cushions are pleasing to the eye and the set includes a bench too. It is however recommended that the set be brought indoors during the freezing season.


This is green elegance and mosaic beauty at its very best. This set made of wrought iron with a graphite finish will enhance the decor of your patio or garden where it is placed.

The mosaic finish is available with options of slate or tortoise.
The looks of the whole set are simply stunning and elegant.
Blends well with the garden settings with its color and finish.

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