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Perfectflow: Showerhead lowers your water consumption

showerhead R6rL5 1822

showerhead R6rL5 1822
The ordinary looking shower head pictured above is not run of the mill. Guys, it’s an innovative shower head that allows you to lower your water consumption. The Perfectflow Ultimate Showerhead is a high quality water and energy saving device with 3 Star water efficiency rating.

What’s different? Unlike the majority of water and energy efficient products in the market, Perfectflow offers an affordable and high-caliber shower head that saves water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions without compromising on looks, quality or performance. The unique trait of the Perfectflow Ultimate Showerhead is that it is not restricted, which means that the user cannot tamper with the flow rate by simply removing a restrictor. Certainly, the best bet for those who wish to lead a green life and contribute towards saving the planet.


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