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How To Pick Out A Vanity That’s Right For Your Bathroom

Take your boring or outdated bathroom to the next level by choosing a bathroom vanity that looks great and maximizes functionality. Picking the right vanity for your bathroom can revamp it completely, and it doesn’t require that much effort either. Before you go out shopping, take a step back and check out these tips first on how to pick a vanity that’s right for your bathroom.

Consider the Size and Space you are working with

You might fall in love with a gorgeous vanity that you’ve spotted, but you have to be realistic. If it’s not going to fit in your tiny little powder room, forget about it! Work with the space you have and then decide on a vanity that looks good and fits properly. Of course, that means measuring the dimensions of your bathroom and the area where you want to install the vanity. You’ll also have to be strategic in where you can place it. If it’s too close to the door, the entryway could be obstructed or the door could damage the vanity when it swings open.

Decide on How Much Storage Space You Need

Are you looking to shove countless toiletries and cosmetics away? Or do you have minimal products in the bathroom? This should guide you on whether or not you need a vanity with several compartments. Do an inventory check of what you already have in your current bathroom vanity cabinets. This will give you a good idea of how much storage you’ll require. Also, if you’re someone who tends to have lots of guests who stay over, it’s a good idea to have enough cabinets and drawers to store spare toothbrushes and hand towels for guests.

Choose Durable Materials for Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

As a bathroom is an environment that is often wet and humid, the material choice for a bathroom vanity matters. You should pick a durable material that can withstand these elements. Thermofoil and laminates are some good options for the bathroom. Vanity countertops such as granite and quartz are also highly popular and durable choices (granite in particular can add good resale value too).

Rerouting your Plumbing Can be Costly

Going through a dramatic bathroom remodeling project can get costly, especially if you choose a vanity that requires you to reroute your plumbing. Do you want to ditch your floor-mounted vanity for a more modern looking wall-mounted vanity? That definitely requires you to reroute your pipes and drains. If your budget doesn’t allow you to make these upgrades, then you should avoid such changes that will need intervention in the foundation of your bathroom.

Keep it Simple

While colourful and trendy designs may catch your eye, think about your long-term goals. If you plan on selling your house, it could be a tough sell if that vanity you chose is just too much for a potential buyer. The colours and design may put them off as they can think it’s too much work and money to take it out and replace. However, if you know this is the home you’re going to live in indefinitely, do whatever your heart desires!

Don’t Forget About the Lighting

Bathroom remodeling wouldn’t be complete without the perfect light fixtures to complement your vanity. The design and overall look of the lighting is important, but don’t overlook the functionalities of it too. It would be a shame to choose lighting that casts an annoying shadow over your face when you’re grooming yourself. Consider installing fixtures such as sconces so you don’t have to worry about shadows casting on your face.

Customize Your Own Vanity Cabinets

Sometimes you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in stores. When you land yourself in this position, you have the option of getting custom bathroom vanity cabinets done. Contrary to what you might think, they’re not always more expensive than ones that you’d find in stores. When you have cabinets customized, you can truly have it made to fit your preferences and needs. You can have them tailored to be an appropriate height for your body and add features that aren’t readily available in store-bought vanities.

Quick or minor upgrades to bathrooms oftentimes make a big difference in your bathroom’s appearance. As it’s a space that’s used every single day, don’t neglect it. Go ahead and create a bathroom that’s both beautiful and functional to use.

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