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Pillow-shaped ceramic clock to brighten up your walls

Unique pillow shaped ceramic wall clock

Unique pillow shaped ceramic wall clock

If alternative interiors are your thing, here’s something that might catch your eye. The right wall-clocks and pillows can make all the difference to your living room setting. ‘Creativewithclay’, a user on, who is famous for his ceramic art-work, has spent his time finding a way to combine those two into one interesting piece, a pillow-shaped ceramic clock.

We’re not even going to begin thinking about where he got the idea from, but once you’re past the shock of having a pillow telling you the time, it actually looks pretty darned cool! It doesn’t weigh much, and at first glance, actually looks like a comfy pillow with three hands sticking out and telling you the time. Touch it, though, and you’ll realize that it’s a hard ceramic piece with careful design to mimic classy embroidery. There are no numerals on the pillow-shaped dial, but it looks good that way. Numbers would just be intrusive.

Creativewithclay seems to think this would go well with a ladies make up table, and it’s hard to disagree. Dimensions of the piece 6″x6″x2″, so it’s just the right size for a wall-clock. There’s a decent price tag to go with it at $75, and if you’re unsatisfied with it within 30 days, you will have your money (minus shipping) refunded back to you. Not the worst deal in the world. Just don’t try to sleep on it!

Via: Etsy

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