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Quantum Scale tells you how much weight you’ve lost

051410 quantumscale

051410 quantumscale

So you’re on dieting, doing regular exercises to lose your weight. Okay, now just a simple question. What do you focus on each time you get on the scale? Is it the weight you’ve lost or the weight you still gotta reduce? I’m sure when you step on a scale, no matter how much weight you have lost, the thought of how much you still have to lose makes you go mad. The Quantum Scale shows you the positive side of the picture. It shows you how far you’ve come, and not how far you still have to go. The Quantum Scale never shows your weight! It secretly records your weight and shows the loss or gain from the time you start your diet. As far as technical aspect is concerned, it has maximum capacity of 330 pounds and displays your weight in both pounds and kilograms. However small, the weight loss is, it shows your weight loss. You would actually want to step on the Quantum Scale.

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