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Radiator Thermostat – A unique attempt by Jonatan Hedin Persson toward custom heat control

Radiator thermostat

Radiator thermostat

For users who are always in search of a unique yet stylish product or appliance for their homes and workplaces, here is a very different approach adopted by Jonatan Hedin Persson while designing a top-of-the-line thermostat. Jonatan’s group project was supported by Otto Lundman, Robert Gullander and Petter Polson, as their team focused on creating a state-of-the-art line of modular thermostats. Their keen approach and dedicated work resulted in a very different kind of product, Radiator Thermostat, which is a safe and sound system to radiate more heat than any other thermostat in the similar range would do! Interested in learning how it attempts to do this task? Then, consider the following features and functionality of this complete system.

As the design project aimed at creating a unique product line, as well as proposals on the usage procedure for protection covers that alter the radiators’ visual appearance, the same gets reflected through the features that are ultimately included in the final design of Radiator Thermostat. This modular thermostat offers the user an efficient temperature control system for each hour through the day! Yes, you may yourself decide on the best efficient way to control its temperature during the day and save on energy units in the absence of individuals at home.

Radiator Thermostat has insulation provided at its back side, and this leads to more heat energy transfer to the front side. Thus, the back-end insulation supports the production of additional radiant heat with better energy efficiency. As this function causes the radiator’s surface to be very warm, radiator covers come to the rescue. Thus, the thermostat design takes care of all such aspects and presents a safe and stylish model to the user. This project was developed in collaboration with LVI Produkter AB, a Swedish firm. A result of extensive usability checks and multiple user studies, Radiator Thermostat has come out as a friendly appliance with extensive user control.

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