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12 Exotic tree trunk furniture units

tree trunk furniture

tree trunk furniture

Valuable, precious and truly exotic, the trees are one of the best gifts nature has given us, and we have used them in a number of ways. If you are looking for some cool home décor idea inspired by the raw elements of nature, you can consider furniture units made from tree trunks. The amazing tree trunk furniture makes for an ideal decorative furnishing for both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, such units bring us more close and personal to nature. Here we have some of the fascinating furniture units made from tree trunks. Hit the jump to see them all…

• Tree trunk chair

tree trunk chair

The chair made from tree trunk is different from others not only in its appearance but also its designing material. Its square shaped design say for its elegant appearance and its making with tree trunk enhances its appeal. Its elegant look makes it an ideal furniture for your home as well as your outdoors, be it a garden or a patio.

• Tree trunk bench

tree trunk bench

The tree trunk bench is turned into amazing seating by Jurgen Bey. The traditional chair backs makes it for a good seating arrangement.

• Munggur coffee table

munggur tree trunk coffee table 2

The Munggur coffee table brings a natural essence to any room with its pleasing look. The table comes with the polished and well-finished top, whereas the base is left in its natural look. Just the thing for both indoors and outdoors, the table sets a perfect harmony in your living space.

• Tree trunk side chair

tree trunk side chair

The three chairs made from tree trunk are worth the appraisal. The tree trunk base side chair comes with the twig hoop design back and is priced for $1,200.00 USD.

• Tree trunk table

tree trunk table

The table is made from the tree trunk and is an ideal addition for your home. Instill it in your gardens or your rooms; the trunk table enhances every corner of the house with its unique and elegant appearance.

• Tree trunk garden stool

tree trunk garden stool

The stools made from tree trunk can be used as decorative furnishing for both the indoors as well outdoors. The stool is used as a seat or as a base for table top or a side table. The elegant table can also be used as patio accessory and brings about an entirely different look to your living area.

• Indonesian Tree Trunk Console Table

indonesian tree trunk console table

The console table made from Indonesian tree trunk comes with a glass top and curved front. The console table not only utilizes the tree trunk efficiently but also brings about cool look to your home. Priced for $1950.00, the table elegantly augments your interiors with its aesthetic look.

• Stump table

stump table

Stump table is made from the section of tree trunk which has a round piece of tabletop glass placed on it. The table is a great addition for living area or your gardens which adds grace to your décor style.

• Tree Trunk Coffee Table

tree trunk coffee table

The organically shaped tree trunk is carved into exquisite coffee table. The table makes use of solid piece of trunk that is covered with the glass top. The natural look is left untouched and is finished with the wax, to protect and enhance it.

• Tree Trunk table

tree trunk table

Designed by Morowood, the elegant table is made from the waste tree trunk. The table is made from driftwood pieces that are shaped into some wonderful looking furniture to complement your house. The trunk pieces are shaped, sanded and coated with polyurethane to give a clean and polished look to the furniture.

• Skam wood drop stool

skam wood drop stool

Turning thrash into treasure, this stool is made from the waste tree hump. The cracks and flaws that occur naturally, makes it an asset piece. The stool carries a price tag of $590, and the organic design makes it a perfect piece for your décor.

• Wooden tree trunk chair

wooden tree trunk chair

The chair wearing the price tag of $550 looks stunning. Made from the tree trunk, the chair complement a natural environment, or inside to juxtapose contemporary design.

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