How to remodel your home while living in it?

I and my husband have lived in our home for 2 years. It is 100 yr old farm house, with rewired, and partially dry walled. We are still living in it. But now we have planned to remodel it our self with no contractor. It’s so hard to do all this when we are living in the home and only utilizing half of it and trying to keep the dust out. So here I want to get some ideas from you people, that will help me to remodel this house.

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    Completing the top floor first. Then you will have a place to go every day to remind you why you’re doing all this work, putting in all these hours. Finish the drywall and get the paint andtrim work done before proceeding.

    Then do one room at a time. Seal the door with plastic to help keep dirt, dust, and as stated in part. Get vacuum cleaner filter bags in his shop, which keeps the vaccine throw dust in the environment. Especially if you are cleaning the plaster dust.

    Make every room in its entirety before moving on, with the exception of the carpet and furniture. There is no point getting a new carpet or furniture covered with dust and dirt.

    And take a break for a month if you are really getting burned. It’s hard work. During that month, cook and freeze extra meals so you have easy quick meals for when you areworking in the kitchen. Bake ahead too. Then you have on hand a good meal when you have nothing but a microwave sitting on the dresser in the bedroom. If possible, create a makeshift kitchen in another room and keep everything in plastic, sealed storage boxes.Cover small appliances with garbage bags when the dust is flying.