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Robot corkers

Robot Corkers bring your dinner table to life(Hometone) Submitted: Jan 29 2013

When you open a bottle of wine, what do you generally do with the left over cork? Simple, you throw it in the trash. If you are meticulous about recycling, you might even put in with biodegradable trash. If you have opened a bottle of bubbly in celebration, you would probably have to search all over the room to find the cork though more often than not these bottle stoppers are rendered useless when a corkscrew is used. But there are a few creative types in the world that can turn the humble bottle cork into something useful as well as fun.


Robot CorkersRobot Corkers

Created by the designers Naama Stinbock and Idan Friedman from Reddish Studio and founder and co-owner of Israeli design studio Monkey Business, Oded Friedland, Corkers is a unique new collection of table décor that utilizes bottle corks as their main component. Designed to look like animals, the cork characters are actually small wind up robot like creations that allows the inanimate corks to transform into fun and functional table or mantle décor pieces that are interactive as well as playful. The robot characters use sets of plastic pins, a wind-up key and body parts to upcycle wine corks that would otherwise be chucked in the bin.

Each robot corker character measures approximately 11 cm x 6cm x 1 cm which means that they don’t take up too much space on a table or a mantle. These party animal robots are crafted in a number of designs including Crow, Bunny, Deer, Bear, Buffalo and Monkey. Each Corker pack comes with all the parts that are necessary to make a single corker robot though most designs can be used to create variations and new creatures as well. For example, the “bunny” can also be transformed in the “crow”, the “monkey” can be turned into the “bear” while the “deer” can also be transformed into the “buffalo”.

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