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Roca’s Intelligent Drain could be your answer to the approaching Earth’s Day

intelligent drain roca 1

intelligent drain roca 1

Water crisis is one of the foremost global issues that are under scrutiny today. It is a responsible obligation on part of all of us to look into water management at home and elsewhere more proficiently. To ably handle matters efficiently, leading global bathroom accessory brand Roca has been working extensively on technical innovations to salvage water usage and generate a strong groundwork that lead to improved water habits. Along with a long list of energy and water-saving accessories in the bathroom, they have come forward with a modern smart drain which shows your water consumption.

roca intelligent drain

The Intelligent Drain is an innovative system which is brained to flaunt your water consumption as the water flows out through the drain. The display-drain facilitates you to keep a tab on how much of water you are consuming and thus can willfully try and conserve.

This drain with a stylish yet simple chromed design is unobtrusive and keeps a low profile when not in use. But the ecological drain meter can actually state facts which will force one to reckon how much water he/she knowingly is wasting. It also helps mindful individuals in their supervision of water situations at home effectively. This eco-friendly as well as chic technology can be your perfect answer to the approaching Earth’s Day.

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