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Sail In Space Bathroom

sapce bathroom 49

sapce bathroom 49

These days everyone is talking about life in space. You can see traces of space in everything around the world, whether games, drinks, foods, kitchen products, dresses or anything else.

After talking about products you will be, find that people are building homes, offices and garden in this fashion. Here, is a bathroom design, which made as a replica of space.

sail bathroom 49

The project is a work by designer Krzysztof Urbanksk. The functions and design will give u a feel of space in motion. The chief module of the bathroom is a barrier consisting of a sail and a diaphragm that together form a lifelike, movable and ever-changing unit. (More…)

space bathroom detail 2 49

You can give a very great change to your home with this new design of the bathroom.

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