Scale light weighs the light intensity, not literally

scale light

Somewhere at the back of mind, I remember the science concept that denied of weighing light. And its pretty obvious, light is something impossible to weigh. But, designer Liao Chan Guan Jing still makes an effort to design a scale for light. Don’t take me too serious, it’s a lamp that looks like a scale to weigh light. Hailed as “Scale Light’, the lamp borrows the design from industrial scale and brightens your den, depending on the weight. By shifting the level of weights, the intensity of light grows brighter or dimmer depending on where the scale shifts. As the scale moves up the light grows brighter, and turns dimmer with its down weigh. So, who says that light cannot be weighed, Scale Light does the trick for you.

scale light2
scale light4
scale light3

Via: Yankodesign