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Modernize your kitchen with Siliconezone by Karim

Siliconezone by Karim is a new collection of kitchenware created by designer Karim Rashid as a part of Siliconezone’s10th anniversary celebration. Winner of the IF Product Design Award 2013 and the 2012 German Reddot Design Award, the Foldable Dish Rack from the designer’s latest collection is delightfully intuitive. The folding mechanism allows the dish rack to be easily stashed away under the sink when not needed though it transforms into a full-fledged dish drying rack in one simple motion.

Modernize your kitchen with Silicone zone by Karim


Modernize your kitchen with Siliconezone by Karim

The Sink Strainer in the collection is an intuitive product that can be slipped right over the drain in the sink. The strainer collects large chunks of food bits that usually accumulate at the top of the drain while the popped up handle in the middle of the strainer allow folks to easy pull it out and prevent food from jamming the pipe.

The Sink Roll in an innovative product that can be easily slipped right at the top of a sink. Users can stash dishes, glasses and cutlery over this roll and rinse them directly over the sink or have them dry out a bit before they need to be scrubbed dry. The Sink Mat allows you to stash slippery and breakable utensils like china dishes and bowls and even porcelain cups and glasses safely in the sink over even around the drying area while you set them down to allow the water to drip off them.

Winner of an award the 2012 Good Design U.S. Awards, the Scrub Brush comes with an ergonomic design which makes it superbly easy to hold even when your hands are soapy and slippery with dish water. The entire collections boasts of ten distinct items fashioned in silicone. The entire collection can be purchased at

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