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Smart Gadget: Three-in-one cordless hand blender!

cordless blender 12NHB 1822

cordless blender 12NHB 1822

Meeting the consumer’s demand for cordless, portable kitchen gadgets, companies around the globe are coming up with products that make household tasks hassle-free. Here’s yet another set of gadgetry to clutter up your counter-tops.

What’s different? Fully charged and ready to use for about 25 minutes without any annoying cables. With 10,000 revolutions per minute, you can prepare creamy milkshakes, fluffy omelets and sauces. At 1,200 revolutions per minute it lets you whip cream, beat egg whites and mayonnaise instantly and conveniently. The elegant hand blender, comes loaded with cool unmatched features and is just the right pick for all you finicky people out there!
Price and availability: The cordless hand blender, whisk and universal chopper is available from Pro-Idee for about $81.

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