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Somnus-Neu: Hi-tech bed for tech-savvy goodies!

somnus neu bed

somnus neu bed

Blessed with cool hi-tech features viz an internet connection, audio-visual system, mechanized curtains and a drop-down screen, the Somnus-Neu by Yoo-Pod Ltd is an ideal pick for the tech-savvy trendy goodies! Linked with a “data chain” controlled by two retractable 17-inch touchscreen monitors, the Somnus-Neu bed allows the user to access a website where they can input their appointment and travel schedule, contact numbers, meeting notes and media preferences. Guess what? It’s a techie bed that determines the user. Sounds eccentric but it is true! An RFID (radio-frequency identification) card is assigned to the user of the bed, which on arrival determines who the user is and downloads the data. Also, there is LED lighting under, above and around the bed that creates a light show to set a sensual mood. A perfect fusion of style and technology, this bed simply speaks for its distinctiveness. Do I need to spend more words for its incredibility? Well, I guess not! You gotta see it to believe it!

somnus neu bed 2

somnus neu bed 1

somnus neu bed 3

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