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Sonido Aion luxury speakers blend form and function



The recent luxury home trends have made it clear that anything that doesn’t gel with the interiors of your home is worthless. Luxury loudspeakers are all about sophisticated technology and an elegant design, and the Sonido’s Aion scores good on both the grounds. Beautifully crafted, the Aion speaker uses a combination of technologies that promise to generate pure sound, which you can enjoy while sitting in any corner of your living room.

It runs a single 20cm full-range driver into a line that pounces around the bottom first and then, sends upwards into the ceiling. With 10-ohm of natural impedance and 96 dB of sensitivity, you can expect the Aion to deliver high quality music. The Sonido Aion speakers are priced at 615,000 HUF (approx. US $3,150).


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