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Sound window: Essence of nature in your home!

sound window BqVvC 1822

sound window BqVvC 1822

Clap your eyes on the image above and answer a simple question. What is it? Don’t look so bewildered – it’s a window! Yes, a window but not a simple one as it appears to be. It’s a sound window. Still confused? read on!

A real window brings light into your home but a sound window will bring the external sound background. Cool or what? If your home, like most in urban areas, doesn’t have a window or is located in a place without sound environment, then the sound window is perfect for you.

How it works? The right side of the window selects the sound landscape and allows many opening positions. Whereas, the left side of it adjusts the sound volume. The more you open it the more you increase the volume. And then Wi-fi takes over and forwards the sound landscape. You can get the home cinema sound by simply connecting it to a Hi-Fi system with an audio cable.

What’s different? Sound window is a cool device that brings sound background to your home thereby adding to the volume of your room‘s environment. It is a perfect device that lets you totally immerse in a real, vibrant sound background whilst you lie in your comfy bed. Do I need to speak more for the distinctiveness of this cool window? I would love to get one for my home so that I can bring a real sound environment into my personal space.

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