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foldable table1

Space-efficient table for small apartments

foldable table1
To make the most out of inadequate space in the urban apartments, Italian design has come up with modern and space saving furniture dubbed ’New Concept Table’. The designer has made use of dense yet decorative sheet for the table. The foldable legs of the table can be easily closed to nearly three centimeters and popped up simply when required, thus saving the space. The wall mounted table can be diversely laminated, lacquered or painted to complement with your living space.

foldable table2
The foldable table is based on the concept of FastLeg which is a compact, stainless steel device that locks the table automatically. The uniquely designed concept is available in two models: kitchen and studio. The kitchen model features FastLeg arrangement positioned at 30 cm from the tabletop sides and is primarily used for dinning and breakfast. In studio model FastLeg arrangement is positioned at 10 cm and is basically used while working on computer or while studying.
foldable table3
foldable table4
foldable table5

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