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Seven startling stone lamps giving a retro look to your living space

Stone Lamp From Artefare

Stone Lamp From Artefare

Living spaces are being increasingly considered as areas where we can show our superior taste and finesse. Gone are the days when a simple chandelier lamp could create a lasting impact on the minds of people. People now look towards startling designs that are a tad bit different from the ordinary and things that can actually enthrall and surprise us with their creativity.

Stone lamps have been a huge inspiration and design addition to interiors. They come in innumerable styles and give a retro feel to your living space. Be inspired by these amazing stone lamps and checkout which one catches your fantasy.

1. Oluce Stone Outdoor Lamp

Oluce Stone Outdoor Lamp

These outdoor lamps are a class apart from the rest. They look like shining stones, fallen from space. These glowing white lamps imitate the glow that emanates from moon and are created by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli with Massimo Noceto from Italy. They come for $ 316 per piece. With their diffused shine, they create an eerie, white atmosphere in the garden and your spacious patio. They can also be used indoors with tasteful accessories to enhance the whole area. Made of weather resistant polyethylene, they are very durable and can survive under all weather conditions.

2. Stone Lamp from Artefare

Stone Lamp From Artefare

Are you still groping in the dark as to what style of lamps would perfectly compliment your eco friendly decor? Look no further! Take a look at this very rustic looking stone lamp from an Italian product design company called Artefare. Carved from a huge stone with smooth and curvaceous holes, placed at strategic spots, the stone emanates a yellow glow from deep inside – as it comes from a cave full of pure gold. The tranquil shape of the stone and its diffused yellow glow, brings about a very relaxing and peaceful feel to your interiors and lightens the entire interior with a heavenly aura.

3. Natural Stone Lamps

Natural Stone Lamps

A perfect blend of modernity and rusticity, the natural stone looks very classy in your interiors and also helps in lightening up the entire interior with its beauty and diversity. With floral etchings on natural soap stone and a white lampshade to complete the look, they are available in a variety of stones, shades and styles. The range can also be custom made and hence you can choose the best stone color to suit the interiors that you plan for your house. They come in 9 x 9 x 20 cms size. A perfect center piece for your living room.

4. Stone LED Lamp

Stone Led lamp

This stone lamp is great for those who would want to change their living room decor and add varying shades as and when they prefer. Created by J Puig & J Novell, the most interesting thing about this stone lamp is that it is fitted with an LED inside and it comes with a remote that helps the stone lamp to change colors at our will. Perfect for contemporary interiors where a different theme can be spread out every day.

5. Stone Lantern

Stone lantern

This beautiful stone lantern looks every bit like an Old Stone Age creation, and is all that you need to create a rustic and ancient environment in your house or anywhere you place it. With its geometrical design and angular shape, they are perfectly suited for spacious interiors and in areas where minimal-istic trend is predominant. They can be placed strategically in a room to be the center of attraction and can even double up as a center table for your room.

6. Stone Lamp by Shibaya

Stone Lamp by Shibaya

Natural elements in the interiors bring back all the prehistoric arena of a time when we used an abundance of stone, wood and other naturally occurring materials to continue our life. This lamp from Shibaya, a Japanese design group, has created a distinct lamp with sea stone, wood and natural beautiful images like that of a butterfly. Seeping out through the translucent butterfly image is a divine white glow that creates a radiating yellow aura on the floor on which it is place. The butterfly stone is placed on top of a naturally shaped stone which adds to its uniqueness. Very enthralling and eco friendly!

7. Egg shaped stool cum lamp

Egg shaped stool cum Lamp

Hard to believe, but true! This enthralling piece that creates sparkles of light all over your room is created form natural stone and can also be used as a stool of sorts. They look best when placed in dark rooms where you need just enough light to brighten up things. A perfect night lamp for your bedroom, they give a beautiful lift to the space where they are placed.

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