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Steam Direct Drive washing wachine: Designer washing Machines

lgdirectdriveYou won’t have to regret anymore for that out of place plain white washing machine of yours for LG has come up with an exclusive range of 4 steam washing machines in cool prints. Must say the plains are no more the in-thing and it is print that’s ruling.

These machines offer a great combo of technology with an extraordinary designer looks that gel with the theme of your interior.

As far as the functions of the machine go, it offers Dual Spray system that sprays and saves water too. Yes, with this you will be saving upon 35% water in comparison to the usual washing machines. The most striking feature of the machine is its Refresh Mechanism that will do away with those die-hard creases from your clothes in just 20 minutes…so no more ironing!

Steam Direct Drive offers four “chic” prints that portray the wedding between technology and nature. The styles are named as following:

1. Imperial Flower featuring a red floral pattern on a white background
2. Sevilla that’s a green version
3. Cloisonne that features cute butterflies with brightly colored flowers.
4. Ribailagua that’s based on the retro look.

Via: Techdigest

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