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Striking cordless kettle by HJC will bathe your kitchen in subtle blue

cordless kettle

cordless kettle


HJC Design


Add a glittering sparkle to your kitchen with this aesthetically pleasing coffee machine designed by HJC Design exclusively for Peel UK. Enjoy the first sip of coffee in the morning as you brew the dark liquid in this elegant piece of machinery. The coffee maker is no ordinary coffee machine. It has a very pleasant outlook and the sides are rounded to give it a very subtle and appeasing effect.

What’s unique

The top and bottom plate has been made out of pressed steel, giving the whole gadget a unique and passionate look. The steel not only awards the device with sturdiness, but also makes it a sparkling addition to your kitchen. The soft glowing blue light will make you lose yourself in its twilight, leaving you stunned and amazed by how well it can weave its magic into your mornings.

High points

The coffee maker’s exquisite design gives way to soft rippling blue lights beneath the stainless steel surface. The black matte finish further exudes a soft glow, lighting up the contours of the coffee maker. Keep this in your kitchen and see how you would have people ogling at this neat little electronic gizmo.

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