Stylish yet space saving storage solutions

A better part of our living space is taken up by storage. For people living in smaller spaces, storage can be a bit of a challenge and an eyesore. Here are some effective storage solutions that are practical, space saving and very stylish indeed.

1. Sliding compartments

Using sliding compartments built into walls and cabinets can be a great way at keeping your clutter concealed and yet within easy reach. You can get sliding compartments built during the construction of your home or add them in during renovation.


2. Staircase storage

Staircases take up a lot of space in any home. Turning the space underneath stairs into storage isn’t a new concept though people are just opening up to the idea of using stairs themselves as a large chest of drawers and even bookshelves! These spaces can be fitted with opaque or transparent doors to conceal or reveal the contents stored within them.


3. Rafters/ceiling storage

The overhead space in any home usually goes unnoticed and unutilized. Turning this space into storage can help you make your ceiling look aesthetically pleasing while opening up many square feet worth of space that can be used as storage.


4. Storage within furniture

Beds with built in storage have been in vogue for a while now though the idea of using the underside of couches, sofas and seats is definitely a very modern concept.


5. Floor storage

If you live in a home with wooden flooring and don’t have an under-floor heating/cooling system installed, you can use this space to serve as a very chic and very modern storage/display space. Simply replace a few floorboards with transparent Plexiglas panels to make them safe to tread on and to keep its contents safe from dust and spills.