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superpong table

Super Pong Table makes an ideal pick for geey homes

superpong table

Till date, we have come across the inimitable coffee tables, gaming tables and other kinda home furniture pieces and were worth talking about. Here’s yet another but outstandingly cool. The ingenious people over at Instructables have come up with their retro gaming project that would make the gaming freaks literally fall in love with it.

The Super Pong Table is made up of MDF sheets and incorporates a grid of 900 LEDs, all controlled by a PIC18 micro controller. The MCU is installed on a control board designed along with the other additional bits required to drive the LED array. A set of old Atari paddle controllers were disassembled and installed around the table, making this a true retro Pong experience.

The table enlisting 900 LEDs and four Atari paddle controllers lets people enjoy while taking a sip of their favorite beverage. The Pong coffee table has the ability to support up to four users at once, each player controlling their own stick and gains/losses a point depending on whether they hit or miss a ball. The one who earn 20 points get their very own “YOU WIN” light up display. Certainly you won’t be able to spend a good time together with your family and friends but will make an ideal time pass and enjoy over the weekend.

Via: Engadget/Hackaday

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