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Swann wireless mp3 DJ doorbell

Swann wireless mp3 DJ doorbell

Swann wireless mp3 DJ doorbell

Brand: Swanncommunications

By: Darren Murph

Sometimes, the same old ringtone of the doorbell can irritate you. Changing it time and again is not an ideal thing to do as it leads to more hassles than good. ‘Darren Murph’ also probably thought about that before coming up with a unique doorbell, Swann mp3 DJ doorbell, for the brand Swanncommunication. This stylish doorbell is embedded with some striking features. Read on to know more.

What’s unique

This doorbell has the capacity to save a wide gamut of songs, approx 2000, that can be downloaded with the help of a USB cable easily. In addition, you can set the duration of songs too.

High points

This is a wireless doorbell. That’s why you have the freedom to keep the receiver anywhere you want.

The installation process is also not that tedious. The unit includes a door button that comes with a panel that can easily be sticked to door frame with the help of double sided tape.

However, if in case you want to change back to the same old traditional tone, just press the centre button and off you go.

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