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Tatami Lounge Chair

Tatami Lounge Chair

Tatami Lounge Chair

Designer: João Carvalho (Alcobaca, Portugal)

Japanese culture has maintained a respectable place in heart of people from all over the world. Even designers from European and western countries are very much influenced with it and the inspiration can be felt in their creations and projects. ‘Tatami’ lounge chair is one of them. Designed by Portuguese designer João Carvalho, this lounge chair reveals the delicacy and purity of the Japanese value. Actually, Tatami is a Japanese term used for their traditional floor mat used in the rituals of tea. Apart from this, it symbolizes a thing that is used for sitting, relaxing and for peace of mind. Hence, the Tatami lounge chair does the same.

What’s unique

Inspired from Japanese culture, this lounge chair renders complete comfort to the user. Shape of the seat is of stretched, inverted V that slants more towards the back and offers a more comfortable position. The backrest or futon, inspired from Japanese comforter is extremely comfortable.

High points

The material used for its construction is completely biodegradable and hence adds value to its ecofriendly credentials. The main body is consists of pinewood and the futon is of Velcro. The futon can be spread or wrapped up to be used as a comforter too. This is an ideal lounge chair mainly aimed at western and European customers.

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