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Hi tech pillows with built in music systems

Did you know that you can enjoy music even when you are asleep? No, you do not need any iPod, boombox, CD player or any external music system for that. Innovative technology has given birth to special Hi-tech pillows that come with in built music players and/ or speakers. They are the latest to join our audiophile bandwagon and just a look at them will let you know that they are entirely worthy of the hype created around them. Let us have a sneak peek into some hi tech pillows that can send you to raptures of everlasting sleep.

Boombox speaker cushion

The Boombox speaker cushion is a great way to fall asleep, especially for music lovers. Shaped like a retro boombox, the cushion allows the plug-in of an MP3 player to emit melodious music that can lull you to sleep. The equalizer panel in the front of the cushion shows the illumination while the music is on.

The speaker cushion works with all MP3 players which have a 3.5mm jack socket and requires 3 AA batteries for operation. The cushion offers a soft and snugly surface for sleeping. A perfect gift for your loved one with an MP3 player full of romantic songs! It comes for $ 19.99.

Mu Space pillow

Mu Space is designed by Yuan-Hao Tsu and Lin Tzu Hsuan and has elements like an MP3 player, sleep pod, boombox, etc. The design comes integrated with an attached carry case inside which the soft pillow is housed and is sleek and light weight to be carried around. It is still in the concept stage and hence we have to wait for the design to get implemented and marketed before we can use it. But going by the looks, it’s a winner for sure!

Penguin music pillow

Penguins are sweet creatures and incorporating this into a pillow is a perfect excuse for getting into a dreamy sleep. This musical pillow can be connected to a 3.5 mm jack and while you listen to music, you can just dose off without being disturbed by the stress and tensions that otherwise tarnish your sleep. This is also a perfect plaything and pillow for sending your babies and toddlers to sleep due to its cute design that appeals to kids.

iPod speaker pillow neck

The iPod speaker pillow is a rectangular shaped pillow that also comes with a neck pillow. It resembles the U2iPod and has a red and black color scheme along with a double scroll wheel design on both the pillows. Both the neck pillow and the speaker pillow have two speakers which are inbuilt and can be connected to a music player.

The outer surface is made of soft fleece material and filled with therapeutic foam. They can be used together or separately. The iPod neck pillow comes for $49.95 and the speaker pillow comes for $ 59.95. They look very retro which is hugely popular these days.

iPod/MP3 travel pillow

The iPod MP3 travel pillow supports your neck adequately without causing neck pain and has a soft surface made of polystyrene beads and stretchy fabric that fits snugly on your neck. The pillow has a U shape that conforms to the shape of the neck and comes of help during long hours in the flight.

They come with two speakers that are self powered and connect to the jack of an iPod or an MP3 player. You can enjoy the music without disturbing others while traveling with this pillow.


The Ipillow is a bolster shaped pillow that comes with speakers and a wire mesh case at the side which can safely hold the players. These pillows are great for those who love to fall asleep with music in your ears and a soft pillow to hug.

The foam inside is soft and visco elastic and outer covering is suede which is soft and very inviting for a good night’s sleep. Ipillow is available for $ 75.

Cozy tunes speaker pillow

These cute and colorful pillows that immediately brighten up a bland atmosphere with vibrant colors. They come in 4 shades and can be plugged into a 35mm socket. This means most of the audio devices can be plugged into these pillows. There is an in built volume control which makes it easy to keep the sound level under control. It is made of 100 percent polyester material and does not require adaptors and batteries for operation. They are not very expensive and come for £ 14.99.

Pillow speakers

This is a sleep therapy pillow that can be connected to an iPod, MP3 Player, TV, CD players or other sources of sounds which have a 3.5 mm stereo jack. The pillow has two Hi Fi speakers and does away with the need to wear an earplug or a headphone. They are very comfortable and easy to operate as well.

Ellery sound asleep pillow

This nice and comfortable pillow is soft and has speakers that are inbuilt and an MP3 Player plug in. Whether you connect the TV, radio or smartphone to it, the voice does not disturb anyone else as it can be heard only if you put your head on the pillow.

The comfy pillow is hypoallergenic and has polyester fillings. There is no need for batteries and the device can be attached to almost all kinds of media devices that support an earplug. It comes for $ 29.99.

Moonflex music flexible pillow

This flexible pillow does not only support your neck, but also connects to your MP3 player, iPhone, CD player, iPod, radio, etc. The inbuilt speakers prevent the sound form disturbing others. The pillow which is shaped like a bolster is so flexible that it can be shaped any way you want, which makes it an ideal pillow while traveling. It can be folder to soothe your aching shoulders and can even be used as a laptop holder while placing your laptop on the lap while your work.

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