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The Meltdown Chair: An unusual seating experience

meltdown chair1 2263

meltdown chair1 2263

It’s the most unconventional chair I’ve ever come across. Though the chair serves its primary purpose very well, it makes your mind do some extra work as to how on earth could anyone imagine such thing. But, of course, in the end, you have to admit that designer Tom Price has been successful in his endeavor.

The Meltdown Chair, as the name suggests, is made by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a bundle of polypropylene rope. As the hot former is pressed on the rope bundle, the top part of the rope bundle melts and takes the exact shape of the seat as it cools.

meltdown chair2 2263

No additional material goes into the making of this unusual but beautiful chair which proudly invites you to enjoy the experience of sitting on a pile of rope.

After all, the world belongs to the ones who dare to go different.


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