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The new CLIP Wall Hood by Elicia: Fresh air in your kitchen!



CLIP is another addition to Elicia’s collection of contemporary kitchen hoods which has hit the market recently. CLIP is furniture catering to the diverse needs of a modern kitchen.The extractor is strategically designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba with the collaboration of Helix.

The Clip Wall hood, like its other variants, is developed by the patented “Evolution System” at its heart. The cooker hood is very compact in shape and size and suitable for all types of kitchens.

hood 1

CLIP is designed with maximum efficiency with a rectangular geometry, with smooth corners and a thin frame. The device is narrow at the bottom with an overhead door that opens from the front. This makes the extractor very user friendly and easy to operate. The design, form & finish, curvature, thickness and other technical specifications make it an exclusive product with the right value for money!

hood 2

The Elicia’s Wall Hood is a product born out of wise planning and construction and is ready to face the challenges of the kitchen design industry. CLIP is inspired by the modern age and is designed to meet the ever growing requirements of eclectic kitchen design and evolve further with consumer requirement and time. So bring home Elicia’s remarkable kitchen hood today and notice the difference it adds to your kitchen!

Via: Edilportale

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