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Cool home: Drawer microwave oven for a trendy cooking experience

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Sharp Electronics is here with yet another smart electronic for your kitchen. The Microwave Drawer oven that takes the microwave off the counter and hides it smartly! Claiming to be the world’s first, it lets you have your microwave in a slide-out drawer under the counter or under the oven. Cool or what?

What’s different? The Microwave drawer is an apt choice for those thinking of a new or remodeled kitchen. A safer alternative for children, this model prevents them from pulling hot food down on themselves from an overhead microwave. Superb accessibility, functional yet modern design and pre-programmed settings for easy cooking, a control lock to keep the toddlers out of harm’s way, warming and re-heating are some of the cool traits that set it apart from the rest. So, if you have an immediate need for a microwave placed low in your kitchen, the Microwave drawer could be just the one for you!


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