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thermal pad

Thermal Pad for warming up your winters

thermal pad

Hundred per-cent moor-filled, Thermal Pad is a mattress which allows storage as well as emission of heat. This thermal pad is especially designed for the winter season, when people increasingly heat up their homes by some sort of heat generating device. They keep the heat machine in some fixed place and they themselves have some fixed seating arrangement. So, instead of shifting their seating arrangement closer to the heater, they tend to increase the heat production, which results in huge loss of energy every single day.

thermal pad 1

The thermal pad helps them in a manner that heat can be carried wherever they need it in their home. It has a soft and flexible shape which makes it easily adaptable to any temporary seating arrangement, be it a couch, a bed, floor and can also be used as a replacement to a blanket, carpet or a warm pillow. The pad can be heated in a rolled-up manner by an oven, a radiator, or a hot-bath and can then be carried to any place within the house you are fond of.

The moor filled in the thermal pad is integrated inside a double-layered fabric skin. The natural components of the pad emit the stored heat quite slowly and over a long period of time, making it more preferable over other heat-storage materials of this kind.

Via: Philipp Gunther Industrial Design

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