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Thermostat: An elegant informative device by Derek Bennion


Derek Bennion, the designer of the ‘Thermostat’ has developed a composite device that tells the temperature in both degrees celsius and fahrenheit, the time and the date on single device. The temperature reading is the most prominent on the Thermostat – a device that looks like an attractive inverted concave dish that can easily rest upon any wall and blend into it. The temperature can be read from a distance with ease unlike other thermostat devices that look too mechanical and complicated.

The base size of the Thermostat is 4.5 inches which reduces and become 3 inches at the top. The rotating click wheel of the device is actually a button that is located at the outer side. The inner circle is the large center button that contains display information and this information is illuminated and can be manually turned on/off by pressing the button.

The rotating clock wheel is used for adjusting the temperature, time, date day – which are indicated by LED backlights wherein different color is illuminated for the various adjustments; blue for temperature adjustments, red for time, green for date and yellow for Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Thermostat is an elegant all-one device that can go with any decor and can literally blend with the walls

Via: Derekbenniondesign

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