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Kitchen designs

Tips to design kitchens for disabled women

Kitchen designs

If you live with your family, then you would have certainly observed that all the household activities revolve around single women in the family. It doesn’t matter which role is she playing, either a mother or a wife, she is the person who has the supreme authority over the kitchen of your house. But life isn’t always fair. Everyone is not blessed with good health. If someone in your family has certain disability then it’s your responsibility to make life easy for them at least in their house. Especially if the disabled person is the women, then you can do a great favor to her by simply making the kitchen accessible to her. You can definitely make her experience more pleasant and enjoyable by making few modifications in your kitchen.

Whatever be the disability, whether your loved one uses a wheel chair or walker or she has a problem in bending, there are a number of changes that you can make just to make everything go smooth and comfortable for her. It’s not that you need to modify the whole architecture of the kitchen. They are just small changes that you ought to be made. The instructions given below will help you in figuring out, which areas need to be modified.

Complexity level: Moderate

Time required: 18-24 hours


1. Widen the doorways

This is the first problem that most of the disabled women face while entering the kitchen especially when they are in the habit of using a wheel chair. The door must be widened so that she gets an ample clearance while entering the kitchen. Also, for a person using a wheel chair, grasping a round door knob can be a bit difficult, so it’s better to replace them with a lever style knob.

2. Create more space in the working area

  • Disabled persons face a lot of difficulty while moving in narrow spaces, and so is the case with the kitchen. In most of the kitchen there is a scarcity of workspace, however, the situation becomes totally unacceptable in case if the person working in the kitchen has certain disability.
  • You got to make sure that usable workspace is created in the kitchen so that she doesn’t have to face any difficulty while moving from one place to another.
  • The counters must not be very high if she uses wheelchairs, and if she has a trouble in bending or stooping then the counters must not be very low.

3. Make the storage easily accessible

  • One important point that must always be kept in mind while designing kitchen for a disabled women is that the storage area must be easily accessible by her.
  • If she uses a wheel chair then make sure that most of the items are one the lower cabinets and if she is in the habit of using walkers then storing the items in the upper cabinet will do the trick.

4. Make use of a shallow sink

Shallow sinks are of great aid while dealing with any sort of disability. Women using wheel chairs face a difficulty in reaching the bottom of a sink which is deeper than 6 inches. Also, shallow sinks prevents them from bending excessively if they use walkers.

5. Create a safe stove area

This is the most important point that needs to be kept in mind. Stove area is the most injury prone area of the kitchen and the situation becomes vulnerable for a disabled person. All safety measures should be employed while designing the stove area. Installing resistant counter tops on one side of the stove area can definitely protect her from hot oil spills.

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