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Tips Treat: Decorate your kid’s bunk bed smartly

bunk beds1

bunk beds1

Decorating kid’s bed is an overwhelming task, especially those huge two storied ones. Bunk beds for kids are the first choice of many children. But, those huge monotonous beds often leave behind a boring look in your kid’s room. You can give a new look to your child’s bedroom and make it interesting just with few creativity. Your child will definitely love colorful and bright bunk beds. Let us discuss some interesting themes for your child’s bedroom:

1. Paint bunk beds with garden theme

Garden theme is a colorful theme. You can paint the walls and paste pictures of flowers on the frame of bunk bed. You can also hang plastic creepers on the sides and poles of bunk bed, and decorate flower shaped cushions on the bed.

2. A creative jungle theme

You can decorate your child’s bedroom as per the interest of your child. You can paint different animals on the bed and walls of your kid’s bedroom. Animal print bed sheets and curtains will look amazing and go well with the theme. You can decorate animal stuff toys on the bunk bed, and also can hang monkeys stuff toys on the pole of bunk bed. Image credit

bunk beds

3. Decorations for walls and the bunk bed

Every child has different taste in decorating their rooms. You can decorate your child’s room by adding different décor in their room. You can hang toys or even frames on the bed and walls. Make the bunk bed a colorful experience for your child, by painting it according to the interest of your child.

4. Match bed sheets and pillow covers

Another alternative is to decorate the bunk bed according to the theme of your room. For example, you can match animal print beds sheets and pillows if the theme is jungle. Try to keep the bed mess free, so that it will look clean and attractive. Image credit

bunk beds2

5. Princess theme for young girls

Young girls always like pink, red and soft shades so you can paste images of dolls on the bunk bed with some glitters on it. You can also paste butterflies or radium coated stickers of flowers on the bed. The bed sheet and pillows must be according to the theme. Also decorating with dolls can do wonders.

6. Tree house bunk bed

Think of decorating the bunk bed like a tree house, trust me it will do wonders. You can hang green curtains on your bunk bed and plastic creepers on it so that it will give a look of branches and your bunk bed will turn into a tree house and will look striking. The bunk bed can also be your study place with complete privacy. Image credit

bunk beds4

7. Add different colored lights

Lights always play a major role in making a room attractive. Add different styles of lamp and lights in your kid’s. Don’t forget to put an emergency light near the bunk bed. Keep the light near to the reach of your children; you can also add glow-on-stickers also on the bunk bed.

8. Castle theme is always adorable
You can decorate the bunk bed by turning it into a castle as both boys and girls love this theme. You can paint the poles and add different flags and towers on it. You can paint the frame and poles or even wrap the pole with rich blue or red colored velvet cloth, and give it an interesting look of a palace, so that your daughter will feel like a princess and your son like a prince. Image credit

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