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Green tales : Bond with your plants!

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togther s7pY8 1822

Emotional bonding is something that lets us empathize with others without banking on words. However, don’t think that such bonding is possible only between human beings. Being a plant lover myself, I know of the strong bond we share with our plants. For every plant lover, a plant is like a child and what if you could actually monitor the growth of your child and be a part of it?

If you are a plant lover then Jason Kline has something cool for you. ‘Together’ lets you share an emotional connection with your plant, during the growth cycle. From the very beginning (moment the seed is planted) to the time when the plant dies, you can monitor its growth process.
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What’s different? Like a mother shares a strong emotional bonding with her child and keeps herself in the loop about his/her growth and advancement thorughout his/her life, this hi-tech plant growing equipment, helps you monitor the growth process of your plants in a similar manner. Not only this, the LED helps promoting the indoor growth of the plants by providing a sensible solution to energy efficient artificial lighting. Are you still asking why it’s distinct?

Unique hi-tech features blended with a beautiful facade, makes it a complete home essential and being a true plant lover, I’m sure to get one for my home.
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