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Top 10 Security Lights- Full Review and Ratings

Lights are very necessary to not just dispel darkness, but also to give a feeling of safety. These powerful safety lights would give you very bright light, and since they are equipped with unique motion sensors they are very energy efficient and can produce the light as and when required at night. Some of these lights are run on batteries, some by direct power and while others are solar powered. You can install these lights anyplace you requires, indoors or outdoors. 10 of the most remarkable security lights available in the market today are listed here.

1. Draper Front Krypton Bicycle Light 69203
BRAND : Krypton

Ever traveled in a dark night riding your bike, with no surrounding light of any sort? If you have, then you must be aware of the uncomfortable ride you had. It is better to equip your bike with a mounted light that not only lightens the path ahead of you, but also make all others aware of your presence, and prevents them from bumping in to you. This light is very easy to fit on your handle by means of a quick release mounting clamp, capable of 360 degree rotation. It requires just 2xC batteries to run.


It provides very bright light while you ride your bike, and keeps you safe, even in the darkest of the nights.

The light is very bright and the easy to install.
It can be fitted in almost every bike.
It is capable of 360 degree rotation and requires only 2 x c batteries.

2. Dorcy 41-1071 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood Lite
PRICE : USD 21.09

This is one very impressive wireless security light, with a powerful motion sensor with a range of 70 feet. The light range is an impressive 350 square feet. The installation is very easy and being fully wireless, it can be installed at any place with the help of its adjustable beam positioners that can be attached anywhere with ease. Its motion sensors have a 180 degree swivel and you can switch it on and off by a simple button.It runs on 3D alkaline batteries.


The light produced is very bright and has an extensive range of 350 square feet and has unique timers to switch them on only at night.

It runs on 3D alkaline batteries, and is completely wireless.
It features auto on and off and the 180 degree range of motion sensor makes it very sensitive.
The unique sensor turns on only when it is dark.

3. 40231 – Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Light (White)
BRAND : MAXSA Innovations
PRICE : USD 22.5

You can install this stylish light at your doorstep to help you find the keys in the dark, as it automatically lights up by detecting your motion. It has 5 very bright LED lights. It is battery powered, hence it is wire free and requires no costly installation. It is fully weather proof and can be used perfectly in outdoor conditions. It can be adjusted to 360 degrees and comes with a mounting bracket. The motion detection range is an impressive 10 feet. It works on 4C cell batteries, and these batteries would last you about a year of regular usage. It is available in Black and white color.


It is perfect for installation at places where it is not possible to wire the installations very easily.

It features 5 LED lights.
It has a 10 feet motion detection radius.
It is weather proof and very durable.

4. Light Concepts OFLR 6LC 120 MO Twin Head LED Flood Light
BRAND : Light Concepts by Lithonia

It is one powerful security light that offers you a perfect maintenance free utility. It is ideal for yards, walkways, play areas and driveways to give them the ultimate bright lightning. It has 2 tool free adjustable heads for easy aiming (up or down and side to side). The motion sensor can be adjusted to 360 degrees and has a range of 70 feet (with downward projection perimeter). It can only be mounted to a wall. You can control the sensitivity levels of the sensor. The Lumen produced is 1222 and can be maintained for more than 50,000 hour life. The body of the light is made from aluminum and is very durable.


The unique motion sensors allow you to have an extensive coverage of over 70 feet, and the light produced is really bright. The maintenance free handling of this light makes it a must buy.

The security lamp is powerful and bright, and is equipped with very sensitive sensors.
It works on 120V current.
The Casing is made from cast aluminum, which makes it very durable and sturdy.

5. HS300W – UltraEYE Halogen Motion Sensor Light
BRAND : Steinel America Corp
PRICE : USD 69.35

This security light is perhaps one of the best security enhancements available in the market today and uses multiple lens technology for a more safe and precise detection of motion. Its unique semi spherical lens has about 120 active cell zones with 2 powerful sensors to detect even the slightest motion within range. Its unique features include a high density and durable plastic casing, with precision molded curved lens. It features a built in surge protector and an auto reset. You can mount it to any height and it would work just fine. With this you may also adjust the area to be monitored with ease.


Its unique multi lens technology makes it more sensitive than its contemporaries and its tough casing ensures that it lasts you a really long time.

It has a really advanced surface mount circuit board that features a built in surge protection.
It can be fixed to any height levels and provide you excellent coverage.
It has a microprocessor chip based manual override.

6. MAXSA INNOVATIONS 40224 Solar-Powered 50 LED Motion-Activated Outdoor Security Floodlight
BRAND : MAXSA Innovations
PRICE : USD 89.99

This security light is most suitable for those who have to monitor a large area at night for general purposes or other activities. It is specially suited for those living in unfriendly neighborhoods. This solar powered security light is not just powerful; it is capable of creating a day like effect on a large area. Its dimensions are 9.9” x 8.2” x 7.7” and it contains a massive 50 LED lights. It is very easy to install and can easily detect motions. It is solar powered and suitable for anyplace requiring additional light.


This security light is very easy to install and offers a very bright day like light when any motion is detected.

It is very powerful, and features 50 LED lights.
It turns on automatically when it detects motion.
It is solar powered, and requires no additional wiring to be set up on its installation.

7. Solar Powered 15 LED Security Light and Motion Detector 2013

This is a powerful motion sensor security light that you can easily install in the outdoors and any other place you so desire. The motion sensor of this security light is powerful and can detect motion from a range of 15 meters, and can cover an angle of 100 degrees. The battery is estimated to last you a long time (about 3 years). It is solar charged and hence totally free from any additional wiring requirements, making it easier to install even away from the power sockets. It is very suitable to be installed in the backyards, where it is generally dark as the 15 powerful LED lights would light up the entire area on even a slight motion.


It is a solar powered and very sensitive security light that can be installed easily anywhere you choose.

It features a Ni MH battery of 3.6V 800 maH.
The casing of this light is UV protected, thus making it more durable.
The bulb brightness is 12000mcd, which would create a day like effect when lit.

8. Heath-Zenith SL-5411 2 Light Motion Sensing Par Flood Security Light
BRAND : Heath Zenith
PRICE : USD 27.81

This is one motion sensor light that would give you really powerful, day like light whenever required. It is equipped with a 150 degree turn around motion sensor that can detect even slight movements from as far as 70 feet. You can set the timer of the motion sensor as per your requirements and can even modify the sensitivity of the motion detector with ease. It comes with a stunning 10 year warranty, which is a sure shot indicator of the product’s quality standards.


This motion sensor security light is very easy to install and features two powerful 120W halogens working on 120 V current.

It is very easy to install and set.
It is very durable and comes with a 10 year warranty.
It is very energy efficient and the sensor is very sensitive to motion.

9. MAXSA Innovations 40218 Motion-Activated Dual Head LED Security Spotlight
BRAND : MAXSA Innovations
PRICE : USD 42.49

These superb lights not only allow you to lighten up the dark area around your door, but also allow you to save energy as they are fully solar powered and get recharged by the Sun. These are undoubtedly one of the brightest lights in terms of lightening and feature powerful LED lights. The installation is very simple and can be done by you yourself, even if you have not much of an experience. It has unique motion sensors attached to it and it switches on automatically once it detects any sort of motion. It is perfect to be installed in places that require extra light but only when you go there or someone is around.


It is solar powered and very durable, this makes it a low investment high return product, a must buy for those who know the value of money and energy.

It is very easy to install and can be wall mounted in front of your door, or any place of your choice.
Its turns on automatically because of its unique motion detection sensors that have a range of 25 feet
It is solar powered and can go on for a long time.

10. Fulcrum 20031-101 Motion Sensor LED Porch Light, Silver
BRAND : Fulcrum
PRICE : USD 22.88

This motion sensor enabled security light can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and is perfectly suitable for usage at night. It has 6 LED lights that give off a very bright bluish light. It features sensitive photo cells that allow you to use it only when needed, that is, at night when its dark. The sensor has a 25 feet range of detection with 100 degree angle detection. It runs on 6V and is powered by 4C batteries. The dimensions of this stylish motion sensor light are 5 ½” x 5 ½” x 5 ½” and all that you need to do is assemble it and install.


It has a unique brightness, more than other ordinary LED lights, and has a very sensitive sensor that stays illuminated for 30 sec after the last motion has been detected.

It is very energy efficient, and runs on 4 x C batteries.
It is very easy to install, and automatically illuminates the desires area.

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