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Touchsensitive flushing alternative for modish green homes



The Touchstone touchpad by Bayly Group is what you call a stylishly green alternative for modish homes. Claiming to be the first electronic toilet flush device that provides the audio feedback to the user, this Mainsflush toilet flush valve eliminates the need for a cistern in the washroom thereby making a stylish space saving pick. When the user touches the pad, it provides the user with the immediate tactile feedback that confirms the flush valve getting activated. Its unique features include touch technology, sensory feedback for the user and cistern-free flushing. Not to forget, it provides a powerful flush with just 4.5lts of water for a full flush thereby speaking for its minimal water wastage. Stylishly green, the Touchstone touchpad makes a design statement and is available in sterling silver and gold inlaid models. You gotta choose for your bathroom!

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